Paint the Town Pink at Invincible Boudoir & Jardin

Girl, go seek happy nights and happy days!

Annabelle D’Costa

“Okay Google! Help us find a restaurant that’s stylish yet homey, but something in a laid-back so that we can escape the concrete jungle which surrounds us. Chic yet feminine, but at the same time a whole lot of fun; and make sure the food offers comfort but isn’t mundane.”—Your Android assistant will probably lead you to Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin in the queen of suburbs in Mumbai, Bandra.

The Ambience and Déco

True to the theme, the ‘boudoir’, at Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin is designed as a private room for ladies—comfortable enough where you could spend an entire day relaxing with your gang of girls. Candle-lit tables, a shiny reflective bar counter, red-velvet backgrounds, gilded mirrors and antiques plus brocade furniture come together to create a carefree yet tasteful boudoir-like ambience. While it is Parisian-chic, the wall painted in bright colours, according to owners Anu Paul and Basab Paul, signify a woman in her truest form, unbridled and unconquerable. The ambience is unassuming and charming, not to mention perfect for Instagram posts.

The restaurant also has a luxurious green nook, a ‘jardin’ (French for garden), aptly named Champagne Garden, which boasts of elegantly-designed cabanas and a lush vertical garden; it makes for an ideal spot for pre-dinner, some drinks and even for Sundowners!

What’s Hot

While the place comes across as loud, blame it on the colour scheme that feels jarry on the eye, comfort is assured at Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin, and it extends beyond the ambience. A very hospitable, and engaging staff, and a menu by Shweta Menon and Sunaeyaa Kapur (the duo behind the menus of Mumbai bars such as Yeda Republic, R-Adda, and Tanatan) that focuses on robust flavours, textures and a total disregard for calories.

The spicy Siracha Tahina Cottage Cheese will make you question your judgement. Smeared with devilishly-spicy siracha and soothing tahina marinade, the joy of that first bite of cottage cheese will leave you wanting for more.

It doesn’t get any lighter with the melt-in-mouth Galouti Kebabs. The OG kebabs are a pure indulgence of minced lamb laced and brought to life with an array of masalas, but at Invincible the Awadhi kebab takes a vegetarian route. This is certainly a brilliant and delicious way to tricking the mind (of an adult and child alike) to get a dose of daily veggies.

Their Roasted beet Risotto with balsamic glaze and sour cream isn’t a namby-pamby risotto. Treat your eyes to a bright ruby-hued cheesy risotto with subtle hints of earthiness, thanks to the beetroot. Comfort food that’s the culinary equivalent of a hug, is probably the best way to describe it.  

The cocktails at the resto-lounge are as vivacious as the rest of the establishment. Ask for C’est La Vie, a gin-based drink with red wine and gentian reduction, blackberry preserves, lavender and citrus. Curated by Mariki Sayles, Invincible’s drink menu goes out of its way to win your heart.

You’ll need to save space for dessert. We tried their Orange Zest and Cointreau Infused Flexi Ganache with brandy snap and ginger soil. Priced at INR 590, it may be pricey, so get a good whack of chocolate intensity and some high notes of brandy for the price.

What’s Not

In between the sharing plates, we sipped on Str Bck, a coffee-based cocktail. It is not a play on Starbucks coffee, we checked! The drink omprises of cold brew, five spice cordial, salted coconut and chillies, may not disappoint but barely left a lasting impression. Besides, a quick scroll through the bar menu and you’ll realise that most are on the sweeter side and stingy with the alcohol—designed to cater to stereotyped women’s preferences.  

While this place does offer gourmet solutions to all tastes, they’ve played it safe when it comes to their ‘boudoir’ concept. Also, we couldn’t help but notice that for an establishment meant to draw women, the restaurant has only male waiters and managers. 

Gifting Mumbai, this boudoir space, ‘Invincible- Boudoir et Jardin’ does indeed conquer soft hearts and bold minds.


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