Meal on The Moon: What Would you Carry on Your Journey to The Moon?

Would it be Lagan nu custard or chocolate if you were onboard the Chadrayaan mission to the moon?

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“Happiness is bacon squares for breakfast,” said Astronaut Jim Lovell during his Apollo 8 mission in 1968. Five years later, Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the moon, space food has since then come a long way, from bacon squares and, pureed beef and veggies to specially engineered tortillas and frozen ice creams.

While the US and Russia have led the race for space, India too has been steadily leaving a foorprint, this time on our very own moon. Chandrayaan 2, which took off on July 22, 2019, will land on the south pole of the moon in 48 days. It is India’s second unmanned mission to the moon, that took off from the Sriharikota space station in Andhra Pradesh on a mission of making our country the fourth to reach the moon. As the rocket lifted off, the country broke into cheers!

Earlier this month the scientists at ISRO asked Tweeple to share what they would take to the moon. So we put our list together, from top chefs and foodies across the country, and asked them what food would they carry to the moon? 


Manish Mehrotra

of Indian Accent, Delhi would pack himself a box of a piping-hot, comforting bowl of


. Why? Well the dish is delicious, healthy and nostalgia-laden, says Mehrotra. Someone who’d like to prioritise health even in space! 


Sandhya Seshadri

of Léclair thinks that she would be able to survive on

Butter Chicken

alone while on the moon. According to her this is the closest thing that would remind her of home while away from home. 

A trip to the moon would definitely be incomplete without a large serving of

French fries

for chef

Arina Suchde

of The Pantry Café, Mumbai
. “This is that one food item I can eat any time of any day. And if I only get to choose one food, it better be something irresistible that I would never get tired of,” she says. Vacation calories don’t count after all. 

For chef

Armin Puerto

of New York Burrito Company it is the Mexican dish


, a corn cake stuffed with beans, pumpkin, seeds, tomato, onion and chilli; it is a piece of home for him. “This is a dish that I have really fond memories of and I would take this to the moon especially because you don’t have to worry about temperatures. You can eat it cold or hot!” Smart food choice, we must say. 

For culinary expert and anthropologist,

Kurush Dalal


Lagan nu Custard

is what he won’t set off without on his excursion to the moon. He says, “Packed with the goodness of milk, eggs and sugar, this energy-rich food can be eaten either hot, cold or even at room temperature. Besides, it’s easy to store, carry, transport and best of all, will taste great even when had from a tube.” Smart choice!

When asked what she would like to pack along with her on a trip to the moon, chef

Seefah Ketchaiyo

of Seefah, Mumbai was quick to tell us that it would be a large portion of

grilled pork with sticky rice

. “It is a staple Thai dish back home which can be polished off for lunch, dinner or even breakfast,” she explains. We don’t blame her, one can never turn down a succulent grilled pork chop!  

Food writer and TV host

Kunal Vijaykar

says he’d only pack tonnes of

bread and butter

in his dabba for his staycation on the moon. “Because the moon is made of cheese!!” 


Kainaz Messman

would make sure she’s packed enough dabbas of “

chocolate and bread

” before signing herself up for this trip. “Chocolate because it reminds me of the people I love the most, it is proof that I am blessed to have and share food with my loved ones, especially if I  were travelling so far away from earth. And bread, because it is the staff of life, a living organism, and proof that we are alive and connected to the earth in so many ways.” Spoken like a true baker. 

What would you pack in your tiffin box to moon? Share with us in comments below!

With inputs from Annabelle DCosta, Revati Nargund and Shraddha Varma


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