Bread-ilicious Ideas to The Rescue

Sweet, savoury and everything in between, make the most of leftover bread

Don’t discard the last few slices of bread. Bread in whatever form—brown, white, multi-grain, sweet or garlic – is a vehicle of goodness that sometimes loses its charm and many a time finds its way into the dustbin. However, it’s time to make the best use of bread and up your cooking game with these easy-to-replicate recipes.

French Toast

Stale or day-old bread is known for soaking up flavours and not turning to mush when soaked in liquid; eggs and milk in this case. Treat yourself to a satisfying breakfast or brunch with our eggless French toast recipe or in case you’re looking for a quick-fix dessert, try this French toast recipe and top with some chocolate spread and nuts.

Bread Pudding

Leftover bread make the best pudding and it's an easy dessert for a party or small gathering.  On dull rainy days or bone-chilling cold, bread pudding works as one of the most comforting foods. This simple bread butter pudding is lovely when served with evening tea, or custard or ice cream for dessert. Add some colour and vibrancy with whatever jam you have at hand in this bread butter jam pudding recipe. You should also give this rice pudding recipe a try.  


Instead of investing in store-bought breadcrumbs, make your own. Toast your bread slices in an oven until golden brown and when cool, blitz it in a food processor until you have fine crumbs. Store in an air-tight container and away from moisture. Use the breadcrumbs as a binding agent or as a deep-fry coating and to add texture. These crispy chicken or mozzarella cheese sticks are not to be missed. 

Bread Fritters

Bread vadas or pakodas are the perfect accompaniments to a cup of hot chai or filter kapi. You can’t go wrong with this dahiwali bread bhaji recipe that can instantly help transform your stale bread into a yummy snack that you could sink your teeth into. You can alsotry this bread dahi vada recipe, which when paired with some spicy chutney will leave you wanting for more.

Bread croutons

Add texture to a steaming bowl of soup or a fresh salad. Enter croutons, which can be made with leftover bread to help lift up any dish. Cut your bread slices into 2-inch cubes and toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper and bake until crispy. Try this frozen Caesar salad recipe to put those croutons to good use.

Shahi Tukda

Satisfy your sweet tooth and do justice to bread with, shahi tukda. The fried bread slices dipped in sweetened milk, topped with a generous layer of nuts, is too hard to resist. Try this dessert and see both young and old devour it with great gusto!


Bruschetta, a crusty bread with toppings, is a no brainer to whip up with stale bread. Generously brush those slices of dry bread with olive oil or butter and bake or simply toast on a pan for a few minutes. Depending on what you find in your kitchen, top them with veggies, sauces, spices or cheese slices and bake or toast again. Try this paneer or veggie bruschetta recipe—both work great as amazing appetisers.

Breakfast Ideas

From poha, upma and uttapam to idlis, there’s nothing a few bread slices can’t find their way into. The South Indian classic, idlis, when tweaked with bread, transforms into a yummy snack. You could use your leftover bread slices to fix yourself a plate of hot upma or poha. All you need is a few crumbled bread slices, spices and veggies of your choice, and you are good to go.

Bread rolls

Slather butter on the idle slices of bread in the refrigerator, a spoonful of jam, peanut butter or nutella and call it a day. Be more adventurous, add cut fruit slices and dried nuts for an easy dessert. Try this banana bread roll to put your bread slices and overripe bananas to some good use or this choco fruit swiss roll to help satiate the sweet tooth.

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